Disturbing The Piece

Disturbing the Piece at the Borrego Springs Music Festival
Disturbing the Piece at the Borrego Springs Music Festival

Denis Hunsinger has always loved  Tom Petty.
From his earliest hits to his last performances, Denis was there cheering him on.

Denis’s voice matches the Tom Petty sound, and his band has mastered the Heartbreakers music. 

Denis has been performing the music of Tom Petty at venues in the Southwest
for over ten years at clubs,
outdoor events, fundraisers and charity happenings.

He was heartbroken when Tom died far too young, and has decided to memorialize the
amazing and authentic American voice of

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.

Go on a nostalgic trip with Disturbing The Piece, relive the times when our hearts were young, and we were raised on promises and desperate moments. 

Songs include both well and little known gems from throughout Tom Petty’s catalog.

Shaking All Over, Listen To Her Heart, You Shook me,
Call Me The Breeze,
Who’ll stop The Rain, Running Down a Dream,
American Girl,
Free Falling, Learning To Fly,
Last Dance with Mary Jane,
and many more.
Denis has been writing his own, heart felt songs too,
inspired by his childhood and life experiences.
I think Tom would like them…

Current Band Members:

Denis Hunsinger – Guitar and vocals

Steve McKnight – Drums

Jarod Teichmer Bass

Johnny Lightning – Keyboard

Honorary Members

Eric Nagle – Drums

George V – Bass

Paul Gordon – Drums

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